The Story of the Past, Present, and the Vision of the Future

The name of the brand – Marquerink, comes from Antje Marquerink, a Dutch artist who was the initial spark behind this brand. The actual story started in Amsterdam, where this artist studied at the art academy for modern art. This academy, along with the city of The Hague, was also the cradle for many other renowned Dutch artists such as Theo van Doesburg and Piet Mondriaan, whose art has been known for decades.

Following the footsteps of her predecessors, Antje decided to travel across Europe and look for her inspiration in the art of other great artists. Along the way, she improved her modern art skills and techniques, and got the idea of using silk as canvas for the presentation of her art designs.

Needless to say, this decision led her to the original source, the home of silk – China. This is where she was able to find the best quality silk for her art. In fact, her quest started with the famous ancient Silk Road, which led her all the way back to China. This was where she perfected her skills and started creating beautiful silk scarves with art inspired designs on them.

Today, the scarves are designed by Thoth Adan , also a renowned artist well known for his modern art designs and, as the godfather of the power of symbols, art inspired by the traditional Chinese symbols. This is why his collaboration with a famous Chinese manufacturer from Huzhou, that has decades of experience in creating high-end fashion designs for many famous European brands, doesn’t come as a surprise. The Marquerink silk scarves are designed and crafted to perfection to carry the inspiration and energy of Antje Marquerink’s art. You can actually see and feel her presence and influence in all the products we create.

We are proud to say that today you can see Marquerink silk scarves all over the world, from Amsterdam to Beijing, and that the brand is still in expansion. Also, we want to highlight that our scarves are made from the finest fabrics and are carefully crafted with the highest attention to every single detail.

The Marquerink scarves are designed with various fabrics and come in different sizes. Their beautiful prints offer you the story of the past blended with the present and a vision of the future, which will carry you through the day and into the night, with confidence and style.


Christian Koerner
CEO Marquerink