Marquerink Accessories knows how talented and creative the new designers generation is. Because of this, the fashion company decided to ran a designer contest in partnership with one of the most prestigious fashion design school in Italy, Milan Creative Design Academy.

More than 5000 students graduated in this Elite Academy. Students from here have established more than 50 new fashion and jewelry brands, as well as the opening of more than 100 studios.

Former Marketing Director of Marquerink Accessories, Iker Perez, introduced the contest in Milan Academy Shenzhen branch and gave a speech about the importance of new talents retention.

The objective of the contest was to get to know lots of creative designers and give them the chance to get their names more known in the world. Marquerink wanted to award them with the creation of a special silk scarf collection with the best designs of the contestants, so to show the potential of youth creativity. Students were able to submit up to 3 designs, linked with the story of the inspiration of the collection.

The Jury was composed by Christian Koerner (C.E.O. Marquerink Accessories), Sabrina Xiao (Head of Designers), Kylie Marco (Design Teacher from Milan Academy) and Iker Perez (former Marketing Director of Marquerink Accessories). After hard evaluation the Jury eventually chose Charlotte (郭源源) as the winner of the contest.

Charlotte (郭源源) was born in Urumqi, Xinjiang. She graduated from the Master of Engineering Business Management at Warwick University in the United Kingdom. In 2015, she studied advanced dress customization at the Milan Fashion Design Institute. She also founded her own brand, Jerome & Charlotte, a personal luxury clothing brand. Her work has been appreciated by numerous of media and celebrities. Her design style has cultural features, bright colors and creative totems, and more emphasis on design and soul embodied.

About her winning design “MYSTERIOUS SHAMAN”:

Influenced by national culture in childhood, i embedded shaman elements in design. Shaman believes that “Everything has a spirit” and worships the nature. This design uses the Shaman mask, which is filled with mystique and is used in the religious practice. The masks are the living fossil of Shamanism, which has a long history and rich connotation. They are mysterious, bold and vivid. Shaman masks are the reflection of goddesses. In the pattern, five round masks represent the goddess of wealth, the goddess of mushroom, the mother of seven breasts, the goddess of seven stars, and the mother of smallpox. The other five oval masks resemble five sperm cells, which combine the central egg. The whole pattern expresses blessings from five gods, that things are born and the blooming of live.