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We know this is cliché, but bear with us.

Children see beauty everywhere without judgment, existing in the everyday actions of everyday life. Marquerink embraces this not-so-childish fantasy. Make up or not, well-put-together or casual, your confidence is what brings out your charm. Our silk is light and elegant, like an extra layer of skin, that will not hide but flaunt your beauty. Let Marquerink present your grace at work or a party, at the library or the park, until you fall asleep and again when you wake up to a new day.

The idea of using silk comes from our hometown Huzhou, which has over 5000 years of history in silk production. Our pure silk products not only guarantee you comfort but are also environmentally friendly. Silk may look delicate, but its biggest allure is its durability. Our sustainable products are designed to last you as long as they fit. Marquerink values quality over quantity and our designs are simple closet staples that will never go out of style.

We are a small team of young internationals here in London, and the majority of us have Chinese roots. Marquerink Ldn was founded as an outlet for our creativity, and a means of erasing the stigma behind ‘Made in China’. Our designs are curated with the stylistic needs of modern fashionables in mind and our products are manufactured in Shenzhen, China, by our parent company Marquerink.

We hope you enjoy Marquerink Ldn.